re-introducing myself

So I’m Kae ❤ Nice to meet you for the second time.

If you were here in the beginning of 2020 when I thought that I would actually keep up with blogging, then you already have an idea on who I am. But to the people who might have stumbled on this dead site, welcome.

I’m a twenty year old college student who’s currently studying Psychology with a minor in Film Studies. Seems pretty interesting because most people think that I would be trying to be a therapist, but you thought wrong. Not really the path I plan on taking in life.

I originally started this blog as a place to vent or maybe get the creative juices flowing and I stopped. Part of it was time and the other part of me kept overthinking it. I kept thinking it had to be perfect or that I had to say something profound every time I posted something. It took a lot of courage for me to even come back to this because at some point, it started to feel like it didn’t matter if I kept going.

I start and stop projects all the time. It’s kind of how I am. But I do want to get back to this. I want to share a lot of things about my writing, whether that’s the poetry I’m creating or the updates on my newest work in progress. But I don’t want it to be solely dedicated to that because honestly, I’m not always writing! Seems crazy to think about but I do enjoy other things like making candles or YouTube (when I get back to that too….another impromptu project, but that’s a story for another time) or reading whenever I get the chance. Who knows, I might have a section dedicated to fan fiction….you would be surprised about how much I actually read on a daily basis.

So I guess what I’m saying is that this pretty much going to be a culmination of things. I don’t want this to be serious because every time I try to make something serious I end up giving up on it. Going with the flow seems to be the best approach.

So if you were here from the beginning, welcome back! And I hope you enjoy the new changes to the site. And if you’re new here, thanks for reading.


Published by thewriterchick

Hey everyone! My name is Kae a.k.a TheWriterChick and I'm a self published author, business owner and YouTuber. I post writing, lifestyle and book content so if that interests you make sure to stick around!

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